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Sunflower Festival in Haman


August and September are glorious months because not only was I born during this period, sunflowers are in bloom. If you have lived in Korea, you would know that Korea has an abundance of festivals. There is literally a festival for everything - garlic, green tea, watermelons, onions, ginseng, kites, lanterns, name it and there is probably a festival for it. Anyways, Haman, a countryside town on the outskirts of Changwon city, has a small village, Gangju (함안  강주마을 to find on daum/google/naver maps), which is known for its sunflowers. Walls in the village are painted with sunflower murals and at the top of the village, one can find multiple fields of sunflowers. It's a beautiful day trip during late summer and I highly recommend it. ^^