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New York City


In December I went home for about 10 days (with 2-3 days of travel time.) Two of those days were layovers/flight time in China so ultimately I had 8 days in the US. My last day and a half was spent in New York City. Although this wasn't my first time to New York, it was Stephan’s first trip so we decided to do as many touristic things as we could in a very short period of time. We stayed in a hotel called The Jane Hotel which was a period hotel. The hotel was supposed to be designed like a ship and our room was literally and bunk bed and that’s it. It was so tiny and made Stephan very claustrophobic and irritable which isn't the best to share a small space with ha ha. Besides that, we were able to go to Wall Street, see the Statue of Liberty from a distance, visit the World Trade Center, catch a Broadway show, visit Times Square/MnM world, Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Tree, eat New York style pizza, South African food, meet with a friend, and we still had energy to get up the next day somehow. The Broadway show, The River, starred Hugh Jackman, and was about a couple in a remote cabin by a river and was ultimately about recapturing loss. It was fantastic. I miss living in Western cities because I miss theater! Anyways, afterwards, I got to see Jackman signing autographs and drool over him – yes please - as well as capture fan girl photos! The show itself was great but the man himself in person is much more incredible ha ha. Here are the photos from our day in New York. Please note that I hate photographing cities so these photos lack quality.