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Mt. Fuji


On a recent trip to Tokyo, I wanted to get a lot closer to Fuji so I hopped on the train and headed over to Kawaguchiko. Fuji’s area has 5 lakes, among them was Lake Kawaguchiko which had a pretty amazing view of Fuji. Unfortunately, to see Fuji perfectly, the weather needs to not only be clear in the town where you are but also around Fuji itself. After two hours of being around Fuji, I lost all sight of it due to some clouds. However, that should not be discouraging for visitors because the area itself has an array of activities from an amusement park to a ridiculous monkey park (see the photo below) as well as an array of restaurants, shops and museums. There is a tourist bus that runs around the lake as well as around a nearby lake with a ton of attractions along the way. One can also find some unique flavored KitKats in the shops here such as Apple KitKats (which you cannot find in Tokyo’s airport). Here are my photos.