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One of the northernmost cities in Norway is Narvik. Narvik also is the last stop on the Arctic Circle train so many tourists make their way to visit the town along the fjords as well as view snowy fjords along the train line itself. February in Narvik was a little ridiculous due to the fact that the sidewalks were solid blocks of ice. I was wearing shoes that were meant for hiking and thus I had to slide to my hotel rather than walk. Eventually, I bit the bullet and decided to invest in snow spikes to put over my shoes because there was no possible way to see the town without them. Norwegians must be excellent ice skaters because no one was wearing spikes and no one was having nearly as much trouble as I was, haha. This was my last day to watch out for the Northern Lights but unfortunately, it had been rainy, horrible weather all day so there were no sightings. It really is a beautiful town because of its location on the fjords and the traditional Scandinavian architecture was definitely a great addition to the cityscape. My hotel, Scandic Narvik, was amazing, however. The best breakfast buffet ever and I could probably write a whole blog on the buffet itself. After leaving Narvik, I took the train for 18 hours back to Stockholm. It was an angering journey because the sky was crystal clear which meant it would clearly be a night of visible Northern Lights. /sigh.