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Pierogi Making Party


Mmmmm Pierogies!


So my friend Hanna, yes the friend who I went cycling with in Northern Poland, invited me over to make homemade pierogies. After grabbing the basic ingredients like eggs, flour, salt, Hanna made four piles for us to make dough. Okay, fine. I was taking photos and eating the stuffing instead of making the pierogies/dough but I still watched. Watched enough to add this to my blog!


We totally winged the whole process of filling making. I brought spinach, Polish feta cheese, and we added a jar of artichokes hearts. Ohm nom nom nom!! I ate that and then some. I also included cheddar cheese. It was delicious. There were two more fillings - onions, potaotes, and bacon bits as well as blackberries and sugar. Delicious.

Okay, back to pierogi making! We kneaded the dough and incorporated all the ingredients into the balls. Afterwards, you must roll the dough out - REALLLLLLLLLLLLY thing. I mean really thin, almost paper-like. After that, you use a cup to cut out circles. Then, you put the filling in the middle of the cut-out circles and and then pinch the ends. Simple as that. If you layer the pierogies on the same plate, you must put layers of flour inbetween them to prevent the dough from sticking.

After, you boil them until ready and then fry them a bit if you want it to be a bit crisper - mmmmmm.  Simple as that ! Here are some more photos!