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Boseong Tea Fields


Boseong is about three hours from Changwon and is the home to Korea's green tea field plantations. Tourists come from around Korea to find themselves gazing at the endless rows of green tea. One can pleasure their palettes (if one is keen on green tea flavored things, that is) with green tea teas, ice cream, savory Korean dishes with green tea, and chocolate. The chocolate was much more appealing when it was on the shelf in its fancy packaging than when it was on my tongue.



About an hour from Boseong, we found a resort, Hwasun Kumho Resort, with a waterpark that looked really exciting. I drove the hour north (outside Gwangjuish) to the resort. For five people, the room cost us about 200 dollars. The waterpark was another additional 40 dollars per person for a one room waterpark. LAME. The resort was quite run down and hadn't been renovated in a long time. We went into the basement and found antique arcade machines, a horrible bb gun old western styled shootout thing, and a four lane bowling lane that had a bunch of drunk ajusshis. Our last hope was the noraebang. We saw a noraebooth where two people could sit in an arcade styled noraebang.

On our second day in Jeolla province, we stopped by Damyang because its annual Bamboo festival was taking place. It had a Korean-famous bamboo grove and numerous bamboo related activities such as bamboo basket fishing. The food markets around the area were all bamboo inspired, similar to Boseong and its green tea flavored things. I actually went there for the guaranteed kebabs because the Turkish kebab men follow the festivals around the country. It was delicious.