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The Upo Wetlands


If you drive north of Masan, you'll find yourself in a small town called Changnyeong. Go through the city, into the countryside, and you'll find yourself in the Upo Wetlands.As each place in Korea has something that it is famous for, Changnyeong is no exception. Welcome to onion country. 

After passing endless fields of onions, one can find a modern looking temple/rest house that is quite charming. We walked into the building site yeah whatever this place was, they were still building it) and saw a beautiful garden and traditional styled buildings. 

Next, we parked by the entrance to the wetlands and wandered. The area didn't have many birds in the spring season like we thought, however; we did see quite a few crane type things. There were all sorts of bugs and smaller, more common birds. There isn't much to describe about the wetlands as it is pretty and that's about it. There were a few half sunken boats that make good photos. It made a good day trip though!