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Cat Cafe in Seoul


In both Japan and Korea, one can visit a cat cafe(and in Seoul there are also dog cafes and a sheep cafe) where you essentially pay money to pet cats. It is a pretty good idea if you don't want to own cats but nonetheless adore them. It also is good for people with depression. Anyways, this particular one in Seoul is down a side alley in Myeong-dong and one can find it easily because there a person in a cat mascot costume prancing around outside of it. After he pointed us to the third floor of the building, we first were told to change shoes to slippers. Second, we were forcefully give hand sanitizer and told to plastic bag our bags just in case the cats peed on it (in which case they did). Then, with the admission fee of 8,000 won, we were told to choose a drink (teas, coffees, etc) and then we could play. Some of the cats had their bodies or tails shaved and their heads left with too much hair. Some were hairless. Most of them were dressed up in ridiculous outfits and looked quite miserable. But ya have to think, do they have the best lives of a cat or the worst? They get pet all day long and so much attention but because cats sleep something like 14 hours a day, this can be an inconvenience too. I think I'd like to be reincarnated into one of these silly things minus the costumes.

The name of the place was "Cat Cafe." To visit, check out their Facebook page.