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Masan Fish Market


Masan, one of the cities in the tri-city Changwon area, houses a rather famous fish market which is locally known as the Eosijang. The fish market not only sells fish and shellfish, it also sells meat, candy, and houses endless restaurants that serve dishes from raw fish (생선회) to scallops/oysters to crabs to live octopus (낙지). It is interesting to wander to view the fish that are being hung to dry or the pig snouts and faces staring at you but prepare yourself for an unpleasant stench. For lunch, we decided to go for the shellfish restaurant with a side of live octopus. There was a grill in the middle of the table and small veggies were placed inside the shells. If requested, the waitress could bring mozzarella cheese to sprinkle on top of the shells, mmmmmmm. Watch the video at the bottom to see my friend devour delicious live octopus. uuuugh.