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Busan Fireworks Festival


This year was the 11th annual fireworks festival of Busan. I decided to arrive at 2 PM to brave the inevitable crowds that Korean festivals usually bring in. By arriving so early for a 7 PM launch time, I managed to find a large group of my friends already sitting on the beach front. Thus, I spent the majority of my day warming a spot right in front so that I could capture the fireworks on camera. It was my first time really trying to photograph fireworks. I used a mixture of a few second exposures as well as a trial and error with the bulb setting and letting my brain decide when to let go of the shutter. Additionally, because the fireworks are essentially bursts of light, one can get away with using a low ISO of 100. Fireworks are an unpredictable thing as you never know what is going to come next so it is definitely a fun challenge. Anyways, here they are. Click on the images below and you'll see the higher quality.