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Gimhae is a very interesting and unique city for South Korea. It lies on the outskirts of Busan, houses Busan's airport, and has a light rail access to Busan, but is its own city. It houses a large foreign population and by foreign, I don't mean specifically foreign teachers, I mean Uzbek, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Nepali, Malaysian, Indonesian, Burmese Filipino, Moroccan and Cambodian. The area, known as Shinae, also houses multiple Asia Marts where one can buy foreign products such as fresh cilantro and from a variety of curries. Here is an approximate map of the area.

In addition to its airport and food, there are also some sites to see in Gimhae. Besides Gayaland, the abandoned amusement park,  which I have already blogged about here, Gimhae's highlights include King Suro's Tomb, the Gimhae National Museum, and some old traces of history via old teepee sort of buildings (without English so I can't really describe it much better). It's a pretty little city and well worth a visit, especially if you're aiming for some authentic foreign dishes.