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Oedo Island


Last weekend I went on a small car trip down to Goeje Island. There is a mighty long bridge that takes you down to Goeje from the mainland. Anyways, I did little planning and decided I would just keep driving on the main road into Goeje and try to follow signs to a ferry port. This plan, in fact, worked out beautifully and I soon found myself at a ferry port. For 27,000 won, I was able to take a ferry to Oedo Island (which is more or less a giant botanical garden placed on an island) and along some cliffs on another nearby island. 

The ferry was relatively low down/small which caused a rather bumpy ride (and a queasy stomach). When we got to the island, we went on random paths to try to avoid the Korean hikers (when I say hikers, I mean every Korean was wearing hiking gear, not the fact that we were actually hiking). There were random Greek influenced statues placed all over the island and the greenest bushes you’ll ever see. There was a tulip garden, a cactus garden, the Garden of Eden, all of the gardens! The trees also played music at random times.

If you walked across the island, you got to an area with cliffs and rocks which was rather picturesque. We rather enjoyed people watching and observing couple outfits. One memorable guy wore a shirt that said “Dokdo is Korea” about 100 times on the front. WE GOT IT, DUDE.  Hurrrrrm, I believe this place is better in photos, so here they are.